ansiosa pero poderosa

Hi, I'm Melissa y yo soy FUTURADOCTORA.

Soy la hija de inmigrantes que tiene el nopal en la frente and resilience in her blood. La que crecio pobre pero encontro wealth in education. I am the one they told to go back to her country. A la que le dijeron que no tenía futuro como doctora. The one that refuses to be defeated. The one that despite all the obstacles she’s come across, she prevails. La que sigue luchando por sus metas. La que gana todo con su propia honra. One of the many Latinas that want to change that only 1.8% of physicians are Latinas. La que no puede ver un futuro donde no sea doctora. I am somebody’s future doctor.

I'm a first-generation Latina with goals to become a badass doctor one of these days. However, my path to achieve my goals has not been smooth, as my mom always says "Uno propone, Dios dispone" [One proposes, God disposes]. Follow me on my journey while I share with you on my blog my experiences - the good and the bad. I promise to be as transparent as I possibly can - from premed to med student.

I currently am a first-year medical student at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine.

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